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Clinical Process

The clinical process begins after an initial contact. The client completes a comprehensive health history and a food diary. These forms should be sent to the Herbalist prior to the first interview for her review. This information is needed to complete a full picture of the issues being faced by the client and the history of the issues. The information will be made part of the planning process and will help to direct decisions made to work toward health.

When this information is completed the client and the herbalist will meet for about one and one half hours to review the client concerns, completed intake forms and to identify directions and steps to be taken. Follow-up visits can last between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on issues identified. A 3 visit protocol is recommended in order to review progress in a timely manner and to adjust any herbal or life style recommendations made. All recommendations are based on the client's status. Changes and adjustments are often required to provide the best outcome and to be responsive to client's health needs.

After the 3 visit protocol is completed, additional visits made either in person, by phone or over the internet will depend on client need. Often, additional health issues are recognized and revised plans are made with adjustments to any previous recommendations when needed.

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