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A thoughtful Herbal Practice consists of a several step process. We provide an initial consultation that is lengthy and suggest at least two follow-up appointments to review with you progress made and to work with you to adjust recommendations and plans as needed. Our process:


INITIAL CONSULTATION: The first visit usually takes 90 to 120 minutes to complete. A detailed  questionnaire and a food diary will be provided prior to the visit. These need to be completed and returned prior to the first consultation. The consultation will be an in-depth review of your health history, your current concerns and review of dietary and life-style concerns. This visit will set the direction of your care and help you decide your health goals. Beginning recommendations will be started.

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS: Follow up consultations are made to check progress and to answer any concerns. Upon review additional herbal recommendations and changes may be made. Diet and lifestyle changes are reviewed and adjusted based on outcomes. All progress and recommendations are specific to the individual and need to be reviewed in a timely manner to achieve the results you want and to meet your goals.

REIKI: Sharon Walluk, the owner of Herbal Consultations is also a 2nd level Reiki provider and can provide Reiki treatments as requested or needed at $75 per treatment session. 

Costs vary due to length of consult but are based on $110 for the initial consultation and $60 for follow-up consults. A 3 visit package is available at a reduced rate of $200 for the 3 consultations. We are unable to allow refunds if all three visits are not used. We encourage full participation and completion of the work toward health. 

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